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Ashes to Embers Studio & Spawn of Psychosis

Welcome to the Joint website for the Ashes to Embers art studio and the Industrial Metal/ Punk band Spawn of Psychosis.

Both are the creative endeavours of UK based Musician and Artist Chris Dredge.


Chris is a graduate of K.I.A.D (Kent Institute of Art and Design) and has trained in various artistic styles and mediums eventually graduating with a National Diploma in Multimedia and a BA (Hons) in Video Media Arts.

At the age of sixteen Chris started to write and record his own music, eventually leading to the formation of his band Spawn of Psychosis, who found a foothold within the UK underground music scene. Spawn of Psychosis supported such bands as KMFDM, Dope Stars Inc, Hanzel und Gretyl and Mortiis. The band were active from 2010 until taking a hiatus in 2018.

In 2020 Chris resurrected the band, returning it to a one man project, and continued to release new music.

In 2016 Chris founded Ashes to Embers Studio and curated several exhibitions showcasing his various art styles, which range from skyscapes to parody pieces and everything in between.

For more details on either projects please follow the dedicated pages within this site.

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